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"An honorary Oscar would be appropriate if his only single film had been MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON. Bob seems to approach a film with absolutely no compromise and no sense of personal danger. Certainly he is one of the most important cinematic artists of our generation."



"Mountains of the Moon"  Kenya location photo


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Bob Rafelson born (February 21, 1933)  is an American film director, writer and producer.  He is most notably regarded as one of the founders of the New Hollywood Movement which was gaining critical respect in the 1970's.  Among his best known films are Five Easy Pieces (1970),  The King of Marvin Gardens (1972),  The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) and the overlooked film Mountains On The Moon (.....).  He was also one of the co creators of the pop group and tv series The Monkees with Raybert/BBS Productions partner Bert Schneider.                                                                                                                                                             

Peter Rafelson With Arnold Shwarzenegger Lime Studios Message to Bob 030619 h.264

Peter Rafelson With Arnold Shwarzenegger Lime Studios Message to Bob 030619 h.264

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Hollywood Movie Director, Bob Rafelson honored at 40th Aspen Film Festival:



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"BOB RAFELSON'S LOST CLASSIC!  Mountains of the Moon" is completely absorbing. It tells its story soberly and intelligently, and with quiet style. It doesn't manufacture false thrills or phony excitement. It's the kind of movie that sends you away from the screen filled with curiosity to know more about this man Burton. Why, you ask yourself, has such an oversized character become almost forgotten? The movie is about the unquenchable compulsion of some men to see what is beyond the horizon, and about the hunger for glory. It is about stubbornness and pride. It is about a friendship that would have been infinitely less painful if the friends had not both been bullheaded. It is a tribute to this movie that, at the end, neither the filmmakers nor their audience have much interest in whether anyone found the source of the Nile.   TWO THUMBS UP!

Roger Ebert

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"One early review of this film said it had a "'70s feel.'' Perhaps that means it takes its plot seriously, and doesn't try to deflect possible criticism by hedging its bets by pretending there is an ironic subtext. I like movies like this: I like the way the actors are forced to commit to them, to work without a net. When Rafelson and Nicholson find the right material, it must be a relief for them to fall back into what they know so well how to do, to handle hard scenes like easy pieces."


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Bob Rafelson has made a few neo noirs and this is one of his most effective. Theresa Russell stars as a woman who marries rich men, murdering them in ways that don't appear to be murder shortly after their wedding. Once she liquidates their assets, she adopts a new identity and starts the process over with a new mark. Federal invest